Ticket Prices : How it works

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Ticket Prices : How it works

Post  Admin*NYI on Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:18 pm

Optomizing ticket prices is a great way to increase your budget. The only other way really is to win games! When you win people will want to see you play. But anyway there are three levels of seats; each have individual prices.

1) A seats - These are in the lower bowl of the arena and some of the best seats in the house! These are usually much more expensive, however if not that many people are attending your games you may want to lower them. Ranges from 5$-50$

2) B seats - Are seats in the top bowl and are a lot cheaper usually. The average familt usually will take these seats. Ranges from 5$-40$

3) Box Seats - These are where the rich people spend there money and rent out box seats. Be greedy with these - but not too greedy. Keep in mind most rich people will pay almost any price for these seats as long as it isn't ridiculous. Rangers from 75$-200$

Post your ticket prices with the template below (very simple) Just copy and paste!

[b]A seats[/b] - __$

[b]B seats[/b] - __$

[b]Box Seats[/b] - __$


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