Strategy Options - Penalty Kill

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Strategy Options - Penalty Kill

Post  Admin*NYI on Sat Jul 16, 2011 5:16 pm

1) Aggressive
2) Loose Box
3) Passive Box
4) Small Box
5) Tight Box

Remember to add a PK strategy to EACH PK line

Let me break them down for you.


A very high risk high rewrd style of play. Usually 2 players attack the puck carrier at all times. This can result in a lot of breakaways and shorthanded goals but at the same time forwards are out of position leaving opponents players always open.

Loose Box

For teams that are still looking for that Shorthanded goal but don't want to give up so much defense. Players will gravitate towards the player with the puck more and play the points tight. Still opens up lots of holes to be exploited with good passing.

Passive Box

A very neutral box. Not playing too aggressivley and not playing too defensivley. Doesn't lead to very many offensive oppurtunites but the opponent will have to work hard to exploit the box all around.

Small Box

Focuses on clearing the front of the net and the down low areas but leaves the point open for shots. Big defenseman are reccomended for this type of PK

Tight Box

Takes away everything arond the slot pushing all players to the outside. However, leaves the points wide open for clear shots. You will want big players to block shots and big d-men to push players away from the front of th net.


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