Strategy Options - Powerplay

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Strategy Options - Powerplay

Post  Admin*NYI on Sat Jul 16, 2011 5:09 pm

1) Shooting
2) Screen Shot
3) Passing Plays
4) Crash The Net
5) Shot From Point

Remember, you need to add a strategy to each PP unit.


This is a very scrambled powerplay gaining the zone quickly and then taking shots from anywhere looking for the rebound. Usually works best with highly skilled forwards with good shots.

Screen Shot

Pretty self-explanatory. Two forwards in front of the net one forward in the high slot. Waiting for the point shot to be deflected past the goalie. Good with teams that have less offensive skill or are struggling on the PP.

Passing Plays

Works the same way as the 5on5 strategy. Work the puck around looking for holes in the defense. Used best with highly skilled forwards with good passing and posititiong.

Crash The Net

For teams with a lot of grit and less offensive skill. Gain the zone and throw the puck to the net with all 3 forwards attacking the net. A lot of these goals are rebound scramble goals.

Shot From Point

The most basic PP in the books. Work the puck around back to the D-man and let 'er rip. You should probably have a D-man with a very good shot to make this PP work efficiently.


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