Strategy Options - Regular Lines

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Strategy Options - Regular Lines

Post  Admin*NYI on Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:52 pm

You have 5 strategy options to choose from they are:

1) Run & Gun
2) Passing Plays
3) Dump and Chase
4) Hit & Grind
5) Neutral Zone Trap

I'll break them down for you.

Remember, you need to assign a strategy to EACH line.

Also, you can add the shift length to each line if you like. From 10seconds-90seconds. This could be very important

Run & Gun

A run and gun strategy is highly offensive and aggressive. This is for teams with a lot of offense and low defense. This strategy is not reccomended due to the high risk factor. To use this strategy you will want highly offensive styled players.

Passing Plays

A passing play strategy deals with offensive zone control holding on to the puck and working it around on the cycle. This is for highly skilled teams with good passers. Atleast one playmaker on the line is reccomended. To use this strategy you will want forward who are good at passing and positioning.

Dump & Chase

The Dump & Chase strategy is a very simple type of game (it's self explanatory too) You wil need players who are fast and have some good size to them for this strategy.

Hit & Grind

This is the strong gritty type of strategy. Usually used on 3rd and 4th lines. It is usually thought of as defensively minded but can lead to some scoring chances. You will need player with good strength and size for this strategy.

Neutral Zone Trap

This strategy is for very defensively styled lines who can't compete with other lines skill wise level. They box up the neutral zone usually forcing teams to dump the puck in. Usually teams that use this strategy use it for all lines, it doesn't lead to much scoring most of the time.[i]


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